We are here to manage your
finance with experience

  • To minimise the expenses of the family.
  • To get a quality products in a traditional way.
  • To get all products at doorstep of all members
  • To get Instalments
  • To get Interest free
  • Segregate Paper, Plastic, Glass, Metals. Request a pickup.
  • Welcome to your home, collect your waste and award points.
  • Redeem your points at Idhayam-G Family Store.
  • For details, contact 8883363336.
  • We currently cater to the houses in Virudhunagar District. Stay tuned. We are expanding.
  • Let's keep India clean!
  • To Give your Request - Idhayam-G Future Sculptors
  • Idhayam-g fabulous structure is a polished and strong built up home with spacious apartments.
  • The latest and trendy, sleek homes of Groovy Woodz are settled at an ample green environment which contributes you to a lively and greener living.
  • People living here can cherish all types of upscale and latest facilities that they ever expected of.
  • It has been deliberately crocheted with luxury for you to relish in its nature.
  • The unique feature of the Idhayam−G is its ability to inculcate among its members sound habits of thrift, savings and banking
  • They are trained to become cohesive as a group through regular meetings and encouraged to cultivate savings habit.
  • Efforts are made by Idhayam−G for marketing the products produced by self help groups wherever possible locally and for sale in exhibitions.
  • An economically poor individual gains strength as part of a group.
  • Financing through Idhayam−G reduces transaction costs for both lenders and borrowers.
  • Where successful, Idhayam-G have significantly empowered poor people, especially women, in rural areas.
  • IGFS gives healthy, tasty and traditional foods to local people through our members placed.
  • Servicing healthy food to all with low cost
  • Servicing in different environment to customers