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Our Institution "Idhayam-G Finance and Investment Services Limited" emerged from a famous world known organisation, a manfacturer of famous gingelly oil,called Idhayam. Our Organisation - Idhayam-G Finance and Investment Service Limited operations are information dissemination, transparent, accuracy on the line of RBI code of conduct.

Corporate Identity

  • Our culture and belief is captured in the theme of logo
  • Infinity (Sky) − Highly motivated with endless spirit and no limitation towards serving customers and the society.
  • Seven Golden rays − Values and belief extracted from the vibrant colours of Rainbow coming from the Infinity sky − VIBGYOR
  • V − Vision of our company (Trusted, Sought-after and Reliable reputation)
  • I − Innovations aligned to vision, in our every approach with highest ideology
  • B − Bliss in serving the society with integrated growth belief
  • G − Glow the lives of the society both rural and urban
  • Y − yearly to denote 24/7/365
  • O − Omnipresent in serving all layers of customers
  • R − Rationalism of fare practices as directed by controlling authorities, RBI and Govt.
  • Heart of tree with roots - Operational strategy expressed by the way of mobilizing funds through roots (Investors, Banks, Institutions, etc) and to spread over all layers of society for the upliftment as indicated by hearts without discrimination.

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  • Founder Details Our Institution was emerged from a famous world known organisation, the manufacturer of famous Gingily Oil, called Idhayam. It is one of the sister concern of the Idhayam Groups, Virdhunagar.
  • Idhayam-G CEOIGFS company aiming at starting a world class bank in India especially to serve middle and lower class people in rural and urban areas with innovative ideas.
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